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CNC tools

Any work clamping device must meet the following requirements.

The work must be tied tightly,
It should provide positive placement,
It should be fast and easy to use,
There are many tried and used work clamping mechanisms in conventional workbenches; vise, chuck, collet are the most well-known examples of these, and they are also used in numerically controlled workbenches. These work clamps can operate mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically. Mechanical workers require manual dexterity in loading and tightening the work piece. may cnc
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Therefore, hydraulic and pneumatic clamping is particularly preferred over the latter. Hydraulic and pneumatic clamping is easily controlled electronically by the machine control unit, providing fast operation and uniform clamping pressure. This kind of conventional work clamping devices is more suitable for machining a uniform shaped stock material or workpiece such as rectangular, angular, hexagonal. Irregular shapes can be adapted to conventional machining with concise conveniences, sometimes with pneumatic or hydraulic tightening arrangements. As a general practice, the workpiece should be positioned positively so that it does not move during machining. In both cases, the workpiece is placed against the fixed jaws. The possibility of movement of the workpiece in any machining process is undesirable for safety reasons. In the numerical controlled machining process, there may be a slight movement problem of the workpiece. This means that the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece is lost as the workpiece size is not constantly monitored during machining.

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First is first

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