What did your wife say?– Teacher, do you know what happened?– What happened?*– My wife
looked at me in amazement and said, “What kind of seminar is this! Who is this guy? Is there such a
thing? No, ours will live his childhood!While our child is living his childhood, he will pass the other
classes and progress! Such a thing does not happen.”Literature > Poetry and Beautiful Writings > Let
Children Play – Let Children Play –

May 11, 2013 admin One day, before starting
the seminar, a short, smiling person came and said, Sir, I want to kiss your hand. Since I don’t like
kissing hands, I said, “Let’s kiss on the cheek,” and we kissed. The following conversation took place
between us:– Hey, why did you want to kiss my hand?– Sir, I attended one of your seminars three
years ago. My life has changed. After that seminar, I have a happier family and I want to thank you; I
wanted to kiss your hand for him.– What happened, how did it happen?– Three years ago, you were


with us at a two-day seminar organized by our company. Towards the end of that seminar, you said,
“A person’s homeland is his childhood. It is very difficult for a person who has not lived his childhood
to the fullest to be happy. The most important duty of a mother and father is to create opportunities
for their children to live their childhood to the fullest.” He paused for a while, thought as if he
wanted to remember something, then continued to speak:dogan dwarfoğlu- You even said it further;
You said, “The most important duty of a nation is to create opportunities for its children to enjoy

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their childhood. I think it was seven days and eight days later, one day when I came out of the
bathroom, I was drying him with a towel, he grabbed my arm, turned to me and said, “Daddy, I love
you so much. My teacher! my breath stopped, my eyes watered so I did not speak. Because I realized
that he had never said he loved me until now. I thought, I didn’t realize you never said it until now;
maybe he wouldn’t say it for the rest of his life. “What a danger!” I thought. For the rest of my life I

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would not realize that he had not said that sentence to me.– So you realized, I congratulate you. This
situation that you realize is a hidden, implicit but important danger that many parents are not aware
of!– I have a feeling of gratitude, I dried my child with a towel and dressed him, and now we
continued to play games every day. Time passed, two weeks later, the school invited the teacher to

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the school for a parent-teacher meeting. In previous parent-teacher meetings, the teacher said,
“Your son is a smart kid, but his homework is scrambled and he doesn’t pay attention. He is harassing
his friends in class, pushing them around, please talk to him. Show interest in your homework, do not
disturb your classmates. Let him do his homework properly,” he said. That’s why I was hesitant to go
to a teacher’s meeting. When this invitation came, I said to my wife, let’s go to the school meeting

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together! No, she said, you will go alone, I will not come. – Your wife did not want to come! I insisted
that we should go together, he said no no, you will go alone. I went alone and as other parents came,
I went behind the line even though it was my turn, so that I could talk to the teacher without anyone
else. I thought I would be embarrassed. I was thinking that everything was getting worse. At long last
all the parents finished talking to the teachers and left.It is my turn! I went in front of the teacher, he
looked at me, smiled, said what did you do to this boy. I didn’t answer, I just looked ahead. Please tell

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me what did you do to this kid, he said. “Is it that bad, teacher?” I asked. He smiled, said no, it’s not
bad. “He doesn’t bother his friends in class anymore, his homework has improved, he is exactly the
student I wanted. What did you do to this child?”– I guess you were very happy as a father? Teacher,
do you know, I started crying in front of the teacher. I couldn’t believe my ear, I had the feeling, wow,
what have we done to you until now? I came home, my wife looked at my face, my eyes red from
crying. “Is it that bad?” she asked. I couldn’t answer him either, Hodja, I couldn’t answer him either! I
cried. I told him later. Teacher, I wanted to kiss your hand for him, thank you. You saved the life of
my son and his youngest daughter. My family’s happiness was saved. Indeed, a person’s homeland is
his childhood. A child whose homeland is happy would do his work, school, and everything with all
his might and be successful there. “For the Children to Laugh!” let’s live Because the homeland of
man is his childhood. When children grow up laughing and playing, adults laugh at the end. When
adults are happy and smile, the whole country, all humanity laughs.Greetings to all who serve the



Another possibility that comes to mind is; There may be a device, product or service that Apple is working on but has not yet announced to the public. The fact that the ad was published under the heading ‘Apple Music’ and that the word homeOS was used in the same sentence as iOS, watchOS and tvOS operating systems supports this possibility.

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There are no new Apple events expected in the near term. Therefore, when, where and how homeOS will be introduced remains a mystery. If the company does not make a new launch this year, we can see homeOS in 2022 at the earliest.
The company, which organized the WWDC conference of 2021 in June, held a California Streaming event in September. The highly anticipated iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch Series 7 and the new generation iPad models were introduced here.

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In October, we came up with the new MacBook Pro family. Amazon today presented a launch license to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for Project Kuiper, its project that provides internet from space. The company aims to launch its first two prototype satellites in the last quarter of 2022.
Two prototypes, named KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2, are planned to be launched with an experimental new rocket called RS1.


It is claimed that the RS1 will be capable of launching a payload of about 1.5 tons into low Earth orbit for around $12 million per flight.
Amazon aims to create a constellation of satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with Project Kuiper. The company wants to place a total of 3,236 satellites in orbit. The company’s plan is to serve people in rural areas and other areas where it is difficult to provide infrastructure for traditional internet services.
Project Kuiper is a concept similar to Starlink, SpaceX’s broadband internet satellite constellation that aims to send it into low orbit around Earth. However, unlike Kuiper, SpaceX launched more than 1,700 satellites and created a beta program for hundreds of users. Kuiper has yet to launch any satellites.

The Kuiper Satellites will be used to test their ability to connect with four Kuiper user terminals designed to send and receive broadband signals from the spacecraft, and a ground station in McCulloch, Texas. The entire test sequence will be set to last only 10 minutes as each satellite passes overhead. The company claimed to have run some tests on the ground with user terminals and achieved maximum throughput speeds of up to 400 Mbps.


Starlink’s beta program, on the other hand, offers download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps.
The company is also trying to provide assurance that it will try to mitigate the harmful effects of Project Kuiper. It leads to massive criticism towards mega-constellations like Kuiper and Starlink.


The reason for this controversy is that constellations create a much more crowded environment in low Earth orbit, increase the likelihood of collisions in space, and make future satellite launches more difficult. Amazon claims that when it finishes testing its prototype satellites, it will burn them out of orbit by burning them in Earth’s atmosphere.
The company will also add a sunshade to one of the two prototypes to reduce reflectance of light from the sun, as bright satellites will further degrade observations of the night sky.

The PlayStation 5, which was released by Sony last year and had stock problems for a long time, was sold in a scramble manner. On the other hand, PS5 owners complain about the lack of console-specific games. A mysterious game is also being developed for the console, which will have games such as God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon: Forbidden West in the new period.

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Here are the latest details about this production. At the beginning of 2021, there were rumors that a new game was developed for PS5 by PlayStation London Studio. Confirming these claims, the London-based game developer, however, avoided giving details about the new production. London Studio, which previously developed games such as A Journey of Discovery, Blood & Truth and VR Worlds, gave clues about this mysterious game developed with a newly published job posting. Last March, London Studio’s co-presidents Tara Saunders and Stuart Whyte announced a new release for PS5. announced that they were developing a game and did not give any information other than that the game had great potential. London Studio stated that they are looking for a developer for a new project being developed and they want the candidate to be experienced in both online and local co-op games. In this sense, it is thought that the game will not be a game that offers a single-player virtual reality experience like Blood & Truth, which was released in 2019. London Studio, whose name is most likely associated with VR games, is turning to a different genre this time.


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Android 12 update
In this article, we will try to cover everything related to the Xiaomi Android 12 update. You will also find brief information about the list of eligible devices and the release date of Android 12.


Android 12 update
Google introduced the 11th major generation of the Android operating system on September 8, 2020. The previous Android version came with many system improvements, new features like speech bubbles, better privacy controls, notification history and one-time permissions for apps. Google has already introduced Android 12, but the stable build won’t arrive until Q4 of 2021. Xiaomi itself has not yet provided a list of what will be upgraded to Android.

However, Xiaomiui’s Telegram account has published a list of some devices. This list has been brought together within the information obtained from some sources at Xiaomi

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and MIUI developers. According to some recent news, major US security agencies are discussing whether Honor should be placed on the export blacklist. Agencies are said to be currently debating whether the company poses a threat to US national security and whether it should be banned. Banning Honor could have many negative effects on the already bad US-China relationship.

The news was reported by The Washington Post. While Pentagon and Department of Energy personnel discussed the potential for Honor company’s inclusion on the party list, the Department of Commerce and State Department expressed their opposition to this decision. The final decision on whether the company poses a risk and should be party-listed is reportedly shared between staff members and departments. “The same concerns about technology exports to Honor while part of Huawei should apply under the current state-sponsored ownership structure,” said the top Republican Senator on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


The Washington Post also recalls that “Huawei sold Honor to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., which was founded by two state-backed investors affiliated with Shenzhen’s municipal government.”

Some members stated that they mentioned that Honor does not make nuclear materials or any components and does not sell their devices in the US, which would be reason enough not to ban the company and not put it on the list. They reportedly stated that such a decision could do more harm to the US economy than it would to China. It is a list of companies that are prohibited from trading with other US companies unless a specific request is made and approved by the US government. Huawei was put on this list, which prevented it from doing business with most American businesses. Even if companies are allowed to do business with a few American businesses, many caveats and limitations await them.

Such an example was carried out through Huawei. The latest Snapdragon 888 chips would come with 5G support on the P50 series devices, but were limited to 4G usage only.

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Xiaomi’s next interface MIUI 13 is on the way. MIUI 13 version will be introduced at the end of the year and will soon meet smartphones. The new version will elevate the experience on smartphones.

Leaks about MIUI 13 are increasing, shortly before the new version arrives. There is new news every day. Recently, images showing the new widget design of MIUI 13 have also appeared. Today, another detail that will not please users has been shared. Accordingly, the models that will not receive Xiaomi MIUI 13 have been announced. Some popular devices will not be able to receive the Xiaomi MIUI 13 update. The Chinese technology giant has announced that it will offer the 12.5 update even for a few models that are not normally supported. But that will not be the case for MIUI 13. MIUI 13, which comes with too many updates compared to 12.5, will not be supported on some devices. Here is the list of models that will not support the update:

Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 Lite

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Redmi 8, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8T and Redmi Note 8 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

The models we mentioned above will not get MIUI 13 for sure. All of these models have received the 12.5 update, but that will not be the case for MIUI 13. In addition to this list, it has been announced that the Redmi Note 7 series and Mi Mix 2 models will not receive MIUI 13.

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