Singapore-based technology brand OMIX, vaasa ravintola which entered the Turkish market a short time ago, brought its high-end products to our country at economical prices. Promising to offer a different journey of experience in each product, OMIX introduced the X300 and X500 smartphone models and ecosystem products. We also took the OMIX X500 model out of its box. OMIX X500 unboxing
If you wish, we will leave you alone with our video. Enjoy watching. OMIX offers an endless screen experience with its 6.67 inch Full HD+ screen in its new models X300 and X500 produced in its facility in Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone.

It brings a new perspective to mobile photography by combining wide angle, macro and depth of field, as well as AI 96 Megapixel and AI 108 Megapixel resolution on devices that come with a quad camera array on the back. The devices, powered by an 8-core Mediatek Helio G80 processor with a 12 nm fabrication process with HyperGame technology and a 5,000 mAH long-lasting fast charging battery, offer a high level of security with face recognition feature. Thanks to a special chip in OMIX ecosystem products, it not only provides a fast and easy product installation, but also all OMIX devices can be managed from a single application on the MixO platform with the highest level of security. bestfireworksstores Working independently of the brand and device, MixO has taken its place in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

OMIX X500 specifications
Display: 6.67 inch 1080×2400 (FHD+) IPS LTPS, 394 PPI, 20:9 aspect ratio, 60 Hz refresh rate
Processor: MediaTek Helio G80 RAM and storage: 4/6GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB storage selos-temporais
Main camera resolution: 48 MP f/1.79 (108MP AI Mode)
Second rear camera resolution: 5 MP f/2.2
Third rear camera resolution: 2 MP f/2.4
Front camera resolution: 16 MP f/2.0
Battery capacity: 5000 mAh, 18W fast charging
Operating system: Android 11, OMIX UI 11.2
Connectivity: Supported 4.5G, VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi, Type-C, Wi-Fi Direct, Hotspot, Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ+5GHZ 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0The effect of education level on internet use and cyberbullying
Field studies carried out in Turkey are included in the research. According to the data of 3,200 participants over the age of 15 from 26 provinces, there is a strong relationship between people’s education level and their internet use. For example, 87% of university graduates use internet banking. However, this ourbigescape rate drops to 50 percent for secondary school graduates and to 45 percent for primary school graduates.


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Android 12 update
In this article, we will try to cover everything related to the Xiaomi Android 12 update. You will also find brief information about the list of eligible devices and the release date of Android 12.

Android 12 update
Google introduced the 11th major generation of the Android operating system on September 8, 2020. The previous Android version came with many system improvements, new features like speech bubbles, better privacy controls, notification history and one-time permissions for apps. Google has already introduced Android 12, but the stable build won’t arrive until Q4 of 2021. Xiaomi itself has not yet provided a list of what will be upgraded to Android.

However, Xiaomiui’s Telegram account has published a list of some devices. This list has been brought together within the information obtained from some sources at Xiaomi and MIUI developers. According to some recent news, major US security agencies are discussing whether Honor should be placed on the export blacklist. Agencies are said to be currently debating whether the company poses a threat to US national security and whether it should be banned. Banning Honor could have many negative effects on the already bad US-China relationship.

The news was reported by The Washington Post. While Pentagon and Department of Energy personnel discussed the potential for Honor company’s inclusion on the party list, the Department of Commerce and State Department expressed their opposition to this decision. The final decision on whether the company poses a risk and should be party-listed is reportedly shared between staff members and departments. “The same concerns about technology exports to Honor while part of Huawei should apply under the current state-sponsored ownership structure,” said the top Republican Senator on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Washington Post also recalls that “Huawei sold Honor to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., which was founded by two state-backed investors affiliated with Shenzhen’s municipal government.”

Some members stated that they mentioned that Honor does not make nuclear materials or any components and does not sell their devices in the US, which would be reason enough not to ban the company and not put it on the list. They reportedly stated that such a decision could do more harm to the US economy than it would to China. It is a list of companies that are prohibited from trading with other US companies unless a specific request is made and approved by the US government. Huawei was put on this list, which prevented it from doing business with most American businesses. Even if companies are allowed to do business with a few American businesses, many caveats and limitations await them.

Such an example was carried out through Huawei. The latest Snapdragon 888 chips would come with 5G support on the P50 series devices, but were limited to 4G usage only. Xiaomi’s next interface MIUI 13 is on the way. MIUI 13 version will be introduced at the end of the year and will soon meet smartphones. The new version will elevate the experience on smartphones.

Leaks about MIUI 13 are increasing, shortly before the new version arrives. There is new news every day. Recently, images showing the new widget design of MIUI 13 have also appeared. Today, another detail that will not please users has been shared. Accordingly, the models that will not receive Xiaomi MIUI 13 have been announced. Some popular devices will not be able to receive the Xiaomi MIUI 13 update. The Chinese technology giant has announced that it will offer the 12.5 update even for a few models that are not normally supported. But that will not be the case for MIUI 13. MIUI 13, which comes with too many updates compared to 12.5, will not be supported on some devices. Here is the list of models that will not support the update:

Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 Lite
Redmi 8, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8T and Redmi Note 8 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

The models we mentioned above will not get MIUI 13 for sure. All of these models have received the 12.5 update, but that will not be the case for MIUI 13. In addition to this list, it has been announced that the Redmi Note 7 series and Mi Mix 2 models will not receive MIUI 13.


Safety for online shopping

Research shows that in order for a potential customer to turn into an allegiant buyer, it is consequential that the e-commerce company that he will shop online is as safe as the product variety. In other words, he requires to feel that only the amplitude of the transaction will be deducted from his card in order to enable him to shop online with his debit card, that the product he has injuctively authorized will be distributed without any quandaries, and that his card information will be safe in the future.
In order for a visitor to shop from any e-commerce company, it is compulsory to enter that site 4 times on average. These visits to review the product, search for homogeneous products, evaluate facile payment options, and ascertain security become more frequent as the site’s vigilance and credibility increases. In the next shopping, the shopping process is carried out with 1 or 2 visits and the buyer turns into an allegiant customer. So what do you require to have in order to engender this perception of security and forfend both the customer and the e-commerce company? Coffee

Developed by Netscape in 1996 and expeditiously utilized by all browsers, SSL Certificate is simply a kind of encryption system. When you enter your credit card information to the e-commerce company while shopping online, if the company has an SSL certificate, it transfers your card information to the bank via a special encryption method. This encryption can only be deciphered by your bank, and the information is sent from your bank to the company after being encrypted in order to perform the transaction. Thus, while shopping online with credit and debit cards, your information is obviated from being utilized in deplorable faith by third parties. While your card information can be replicated through the POS machine in traditional shopping, your information is safe with this method. Moreover, it is very facile to understand that an e-commerce company has an SSL Certificate. Property
When you enter the page of an e-commerce company, there is the text https:// at the commencement of the address line. If this text is green, it signifies that the site has an SSL certificate. On sites where this certificate is not available, if the https:// text is not green and there is a line over it, that site is not secure. Ascertain that the text is green on the payment page or on the domicile page.