House of Monroe

The actress who left her mark on the 1950s and died at a very young age, Marilyn Monroe, who is also a fashion icon, sold her house in Hollywood Hills, where she lived with baseball player Joe DiMaggio, to its new owners for $2.7 million.
The real estate consultant who sold the house said that the former owners of the house bought the house in July 2018 and offered it for sale at a price higher than the price they bought 5 months later, and thus, they earned about half a million dollars. He also emphasized that the young couple, who are the new owners of the house, are similar to Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. healthy food
According to a canceled check that went up for auction in 2015, Marilyn Monroe was paying the house $237.82 a month in 1952. Apparently, the house was in demand as much as it is now in the 1950s.