How warm Cashmere clothes are?

The people living in the Himalayan region developed a great idea centuries ago. Noticing the magnificent feature of wool obtained from cashmere goats, the villagers turned to produce handmade clothes made of this special wool. Silky cashmere wool allowed it to be processed by hand only. The hand-made cashmere tradition, which has been preserved from generation to generation, still continues today.
So what makes cashmere products so special? The two most important features that distinguish cashmere from other textile products are that it keeps you warm in winter and its incredible softness. You can be sure that you will like cashmere right from the first use.
Cashmere goats have developed protective inner feathers against the enormous cold of the region they live in and have adapted to the weather conditions up to -40 degrees from time to time. In this way, clothes made of cashmere wool have about six times more warmth than sheep’s wool.

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